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192nd Engineer Battalion


Provides Command and Control to plan, integrate and direct execution of three to five assigned Engineer Companies and one Forward Support Company (FSC) to provide mobility in support of force application or focused logistics.

Conducts general and vertical construction tasks to establish and maintain the infrastructure required to conduct and sustain activities across the range of military operations.

Provides personnel and equipment to transport, assemble, disassemble, retrieve and maintain all standard U.S. Army bridging systems, and to provide transportation of Palletized Loading System (PLS) configured cargo.

Provides fire-prevention/protection, aircraft-crash/rescue, natural cover-fire and HAZMAT responses within a Theater of Operation.

Drilling and developing Water Wells.


East Lyme
New London


HHC 192nd Engineer Battalion
A. Co. 192nd Engineer Battalion (FSC)
246th Engineer Detachment (Firefighting)
247th Engineer Team (Well Drilling)
248th Engineer Company (CSC)
250th Engineer Company (MRB)
256th Engineer Detachment (Firefighting)