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Noise Management

Having owned training locations in some parts of the state since the 19th century, the Connecticut National Guard prides itself on being a good neighbor, attentive to the concerns of citizens and employers who live and work near our properties. Unfortunately, noise is sometimes an unavoidable by-product of our required Federal training to maintain individual Soldier, Airmen and unit proficiency.  Many of our units operate large vehicles, aircraft and weapon systems that are inherently noisy with training required during both day and night to replicate all potential mission environments.   

We take every available precaution to try to mitigate the disturbances you may experience from our training. We also attempt to pre-notify local officials and select neighbors of any special training events that may generate unusual or extra noise.   

Despite our best efforts, there may be occasions in which you experience noise from our training locations or operations that is out of the ordinary. 

In these instances, we would appreciate receiving your feedback which can then be used to track patterns and assist us in taking further mitigation steps. To submit a noise complaint, please use the form below of call the State Public Affairs Office with the following information:

• Description of the Type of Noise
• Description of Type of Equipment Involved (if viewed/known)
• Date/Time of Occurrence
• Location of Occurrence (where noise was heard)
• Your Contact Information/Address

Contact Form
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