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The Department of Defense has a long-standing history with Hollywood and television. If you're working on a non-government entertainment production and are interested in learning how the Connecticut National Guard can assist, please reach out to our State Public Affairs Office to submit a request. 

How to get your request to 'Yes"

  1. Support will be provided only when cooperation will benefit the National Guard and DoD or when assistance is in the national interest.
  2. The product must be authentic in its portrayal of actual persons, places, military operations, and historical events. If the portrayal is fictional, the product must depict military life in a plausible manner.
  3. The product must foster an improved understanding of the National Guard, Army, and/or Air Force.
  4. The product cannot appear to condone or endorse activities that are contrary to U.S. Government policy or that are not in the best interest of the National Guard or DoD.
  5. The use of National Guard personnel in uniform (either officially or unofficially) will require approval from national-level authorities.
  6. Any National Guard personnel participation or support must be unique in character, must not have a commercial counterpart, and must be in the interest of the National Guard and DoD. The participation or support must not interfere with the customary employment and regular engagement of civilian performers. The sponsor must agree before the broadcast to satisfy all copyright requirements.
  7. Army, Air Force, or National Guard branding and Public Affairs policies prohibit using themes, materiel, uniforms, or insignia in advertisements and promotions for entertainment-oriented products and commercial promotions that could imply endorsement of the product or service unless part of an approved DoD or National Guard marketing initiative.
  8. Connecticut National Guard aircraft may be used to support non-Government entertainment-oriented motion pictures, television, and video productions so long as:
    1. National Guard Bureau approves the request
    2. An Aviation Liaison is present throughout the entirety of National Guard support of the production
    3. No camera equipment will be mounted to the aircraft without an approved Air Worthiness Release (AWR) 
    4. No electronic equipment will be operated on or within the aircraft without an approved AWR
    5. The aircraft will not be mounted on, or affixed to, any hydraulic (or similar such) vehicle motion device, without approval from the aviation liaison
What entertainment productions can the Connecticut National Guard participate in?
The Connecticut National Guard participates in entertainment productions that support public awareness, information, and education about the National Guard, Army, and Air Force. The Connecticut National Guard also supports entertainment productions that have the potential to enhance recruiting and retention initiatives.

How do we request Connecticut National Guard support for an entertainment production?
Contact our State Public Affairs Officer at (860) 524-4857 for a consult to determine whether Connecticut National Guard participation is appropriate.

How does someone receive approval to film on Connecticut National Guard-owned property?
The Connecticut National Guard owns many historic and modern facilities that may be ideal backdrops for your production. In order to provide support, it must have some National Guard, Army, or Air Force centric content, whether direct, indirect, or implied.

How do I license Connecticut National Guard video?
Connecticut National Guard video and stock footage that has been previously released is available for public use on the Defense Video and Imagery Distribution System (DVIDS). Video not previously released must be requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

What regulations support engagement between the National Guard and the entertainment industry?
The rules, regulations, and authorities that govern the relationships between the entertainment media and National guard include: AR 360-1NG PAM 95-5, and AFI35-101


Contact us

For more information on using Connecticut National Guard facilities for your project, please contact the State Public Affairs Office:

State Public Affairs Officer              State Public Affairs Specialist
Maj. David C. Pytlik
(860) 524-4857
  Mr. Timothy Koster
(860) 524-4858

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