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All Connecticut National Guard personnel have the right to utilize the Inspector General (IG)

All civilian and military personnel have the right to present complaints, grievances or requests for assistance to the IG. Such complaints or grievances may include what an employee reasonably believes to be evidence of fraud, waste, abuse, or mismanagement.

Before visiting the IG, consider whether your immediate supervisor or chain of command may address the matter. Often, if the issue is appropriate for your supervisor or chain of command, an issue may be resolved more directly and promptly than using one of the methods described below. Please note, there is no requirement to inform your supervisor or chain of command before consulting the IG. However, employees and members must obtain permission to be absent from their workplace if visiting the IG during work hours. You are not required to divulge the reason why you are visiting the IG.

Civilian personnel laws and regulations prescribe procedures for civilian employees to use in submitting complaints related to matters of unemployment. If you are a bargaining-unit employee, your complain may be covered by negotiated grievance procedure. To obtain information about grievance and appeal rights or procedures, contact the Labor Relations Specialist at (860) 613-7614.

If you want to submit a complaint about employee discrimination due to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or genetic information, contact the Equal Opportunity Office at (860) 691-4214 or (860) 613-7610.

Appropriated-fund employees' complaints regarding whistleblower reprisal or prohibited personnel practices may be addressed to the Office of Special Counsel at (800) 877-8339. Non-appropriated fund employees can address such complaints to the Department of Defense IG at (800) 424-9098.

For complaints regarding matters other than civilian employment, or a complaint about possible regulatory or procedural violations concerning personnel actions that you feel requires action above your immediate supervisor, contact the Connecticut National Guard IG at (860) 250-1561 or:

Connecticut National Guard IG
Office of the Inspector General
Armed Forces Reserve Center
375 Smith Street, Suite 111
Middletown CT 06457

Office hours: Monday - Friday 0800 - 1600

If you believe that your local IG’s response to your concern(s) is not fair, incomplete or otherwise not compliant with law and/or regulation, or if you believe that either contacting or visiting your local IG may jeopardize your interests, call the National Guard Bureau IG (NGB-IG) at (703) 607-2539. You may also call the Department of the Army IG (DAIG) at (800) 752-9747 (toll free), the Secretary of the Air Force IG (SAF/IGQ) at (800) 538-8429, or Department of Defense IG (DOD-IG) Hotline at (800) 424-9098 (toll free).

DoD and CTNG civilian and military personnel are prohibited from taking any action that restricts you from filing a complaint, seeking assistance or cooperating with an IG. All personnel are also prohibited from taking any disciplinary or adverse action against you for filing a complaint, seeking assistance, or cooperating with an IG. However, if you lie or knowingly make false accusations to an IG, you may be subject to disciplinary action.\

In accordance with AR 20-1 and AFI90-301, the IG has a duty to protect confidentiality to the maximum extent possible. This requirement is true of all persons who ask an IG for assistance, make a complaint, give evidence, contact or assist an IG during an inspection or investigation, or otherwise interact with an IG.

Seeking help from an IG on matters affecting health, welfare, and personal readiness is critical to morale and operational readiness, and helps resolve systemic issues. Commanders at all levels must ensure that all personnel within their command have access to IGs and know how to contact the IG when needed. The IG does not replace the chain of command, but augments unit leaders to help resolve issues.

Commanders and civilian directors are required to notify civilian employees and military personnel of their right to present complaints to and seek assistance from the IG. In order to ensure this requirement is satisfied, all commanders and civilian directors must prominently and permanently post this PM on their unit bulletin boards or elsewhere in a conspicuous and accessible location. This PM must also be provided as a link on the commander’s or unit’s homepage. This requirement is subject to inspection.


Connecticut National Guard Inspector General

(860) 250-1561

Department of Defense IG

(800) 424-9098

National Guard Bureau IG

(703) 607-2539

Department of the Army IG

(800) 752-9747

Secretary of the Air Force IG

(800) 538-8429

Labor Relations Specialist

(860) 613-7614

Connecticut National Guard Equal Opportunity Office

(860) 691-4214 or (860) 613-7610.

Office of Special Counsel

(800) 877-8339

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