The State Public Affairs Office of the Connecticut National Guard hosted a photo display in the south concourse of the Legislative Office Building in Hartford Connecticut, March 17-31. The exhibit showcased more than 45 photos taken 26 members of the CTNG and staff over the last decade of CTNG State and Federal Service. Over the course of the two weeks, members of the CTARNG and CTANG recruiting staff as well as members of CTNG JFHQ were on hand to provide information to the hundreds of students, legislatures, and community members who pass through the concourse daily. (Photo by Ms. Allison L. Joanis, State Public Affairs Office)


HARTFORD, Conn. -The State Public Affairs Office of the Connecticut National Guard along with the CTNG Recruiting Forces and the Joint Force Headquarters were honored to receive a two-week opportunity to set up a photographic display at the Legislative Office Building that began on March 17.

The display consisted of more than 45 high-resolution prints spanning the last decade of CTNG service. The photographs included Guardsmen training and working both here and abroad; ranging from emergency responses in Connecticut to transportation and security missions in Afghanistan.

The photos were on display in the LOB through March 31. The Connecticut Army and Air National Guard had personnel at the display throughout the duration of the exhibit to explain the different capabilities, jobs and opportunities available in the CTNG.

This was the first time a photo exhibit of this size, depicting the people and capabilities of this 5,000-strong volunteer organization, had ever taken place here in Connecticut.

The state recognizing its Guardsmen in this way was quite significant, and an opportunity for the Connecticut National Guard to showcase all the hard work and hard workers that the public doesn’t have the opportunity to see every day explained Maj. Michael Petersen, the director of public affairs for JFHQ, CTNG.

“This is an organization made up of the citizens of Connecticut who volunteered to serve and protect their state and nation; they are your neighbors, coworkers, friends and loved ones,” said Petersen. “This gave the community an inside look at some of our 5,000 strong, as well as all of the remarkable capabilities we have right here in the state.”


See all of the photos from the display on the Connecticut National Guard Flickr Page.