Soldiers assigned to the 242nd Construction Management Team use heavy equipment to move more that 6,500 cubic yards of material in order to construct a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle runway at Hohenfels, Germany in April 2017. The eight-man CMT spent the month working on four projects as part of their annual training requirement. (Photo by Sgt. Maj. Dave Moorehead, Operations Sergeant, 242nd Engineer Detachment (CMT))


HOHENFELS, Germany – Although the Connecticut National Guard’s 242 Construction Management Team is a small detachment, their skills still make for a large impact.

The eight-Soldier detachment spent the month of April working four construction projects in Germany as part of its annual training. Hohenfels is the home of the Joint Multinational Training Command and hosts NATO allies from abroad for training and military exercises, to also includes engineering projects.

The 242 job was to fall in on several projects and manage the construction of each one, working with engineer assets from Texas, Colorado, Utah and the Czech Republic to see the missions through.

The largest vertical project was the construction of an Airborne Parachute Landing Fall facility. This covered structure provided three elevated platforms for parachuting trainees to practice safety techniques used during landing. Although design plans were prepared by a preceding unit, the 242 CMT made revisions to account for customer request changes and to meet the German building code.

The 242 also provided oversight on the construction of a 20’ x 30’ storage facility. Although the 242 was again instrumental in ensuring existing designs met German building codes, the job will be finished at a later rotation. Engineers on site during the 242’s time in Germany were able to lay the foundation and slab so the next rotation could start the concrete block walls.

Hohenfels is home to several training sites, one of which is designed to look like a small, but realistic German village that required a pedestrian an Entry Control Point. The detachment designed the walls, doors, ingress and egress. This was particular facility is used on a regular basis by Special Operation Forces to train for a range of various scenarios.

The horizontal project consisted of building a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle runway, which required the moving of over 6,500 cubic yards of material. Dump deliveries were conducted in two shifts to manage the task.

Training with other units provided unique opportunities not often available, such as the use of alternative hardware and software platforms. Survey equipment consisted of the most modern GPS gear available, providing the 242’s surveyors the chance to cross train on a different type of hardware than previously used. Designers drafted drawings and confirmed plans met structural integrity guideline before placing any guidance for construction.

The overall mission’s success was most obvious in the amount of work completed. The four projects were either completed or ahead of schedule, with additional tasks conducted meant for future dates.

The units falling in will now be able to tackle additional projects and react to any variables slowing progress (i.e. securing material, inclement weather, etc.).

Do you have the skill set of a Technical Engineer? Are you versed in AutoCAD or other computer aided drafting programs, or hae skills as a surveyor or material testing? Opportunities are available for qualified people interested in re-classing! For more information contact a Connecticut Army National Guard Recruiter at 1-800-716-3550.