Become A Soldier

Upon enlisting in the National Guard, you'll attend basic training where you will learn to be a soldier. You will be tested physically and mentally, learn to work as a team, and learn basic soldiering skills. From there you'll attend advanced individualized training (AIT) where you will train and learn the skills relating to your military occupational specialty (MOS). From that point on, you will continue to drill and train with your unit, working to hone and perfect your skills until you are called upon to use them.

Benefits for Enlisted Soldiers

100% College Tuition and Montgomery G.I. Bill – Let the National Guard pay for your college degree. As a soldier in the National Guard, you can have 100% of your college tuition paid for when you attend state funded colleges and universities. You will also be eligible to receive the Montgomery G.I. bill, a monthly stipend to give you some extra cash while you attend school. Student Load Repayment Program – Have student loans? Let the National Guard help you pay them off. Receive up to $50,000 toward your student loans as a National Guard soldier.

Full time benefits while working part time – Work one weekend a month, two weeks a year and receive the benefits of a full-time job, to include health and dental insurance. Sign-on bonuses – Certain jobs within the National Guard come with sign-on bonuses that can amount to up to $20,000.

Contact your local recruiter for more information.