Operation E.L.F. Hotline 1-800-858-2677

Operation E.L.F. (Embracing Lonely Families)

Operation E.L.F. was established in 2003  as a sincere gesture of support to our military families who were separated during the holiday season due to deployment, and to ease financial hardships as a result of their call to active duty. Since its inception Operation E.L.F. has been expanded to serve as an annual assistance and gift drive to enable the Connecticut Service Member and Family Support Center to support military families during times of need.

Operation E.L.F. generates new, unwrapped toys, gift cards for grocery and department stores, seasonal services and monetary contributions to either the Connecticut National Guard Foundation, Inc. or the Connecticut National Guard Service Member and Family Support Center. As a result, military families in Connecticut in need are able to receive essential assistance including gifts for their children during the holidays and whenever they may have a need.


Gift card donations and new unwrapped gifts may be dropped off through Friday December 8, 2017. To deliver your donations please make arrangements in advance by calling 1-800-858-2677.          

Gift cards and donations can also be mailed to:

Connecticut National Guard
Office of Family Programs

360 Broad Street
Suite 112
Hartford, CT 06105-3795
Mailed donations should include the donor's name, address and phone number so that contributions can be acknowledged.

The Adopt-A-Family Program

The Adopt-A-Family offers the opportunity for individuals, businesses and families to "adopt" a family from our military community who might be in need during the holiday season and beyond. The program is 100 percent confidential and the adopting family/business/individual is never given any personal information on the family in need. Additionally, no service member or employee's chain of command is ever notified of your enrollment in the program.

The sole purpose of Adopt-A-Family is to provide the most essential goods or services a family is in need of. Items we seek to provide to families include winter clothing (coats, scarves, gloves, boots), food, assistance with essential household expenses (utilities, heat) and presents for children. Adopt-A-Family is not meant to provide luxury items like game systems, electronics or jewelry. The goal is to provide for families who are suffering hardships, whether temporary or longer term, especially during the holiday season.

Who is eligible?
All members of Connecticut's Military "family" are eligible to be adopted or to adopt. This includes all Guard, Reserve and Active Component Families.

How do I enroll?
If you would like to adopt a family or if you would like to be adopted, please call our Operation E.L.F. hotline at 1-800-858-2677 and the Adopt-A-Family team will be happy to assist you. We'll do a quick intake sheet with you over the phone that will identify your specific needs, clothing sizes, etc. and will then match your family accordingly. Remember, the program is strictly confidential.

Where and when does this all come together?
If you are adopting a family, specific instructions will be given to you at the time of adoption so that you will know when and where to bring your items. Likewise, if you are being adopted, you will be provided with full instructions by the Adopt-A-Family Team as to when your items will be ready for pick up.

If this program is of interest or benefit to you, please make the call. We continue to stress that your need is strictly confidential and our only goal is to make the holiday season a happy one for you and your family!

Financial Donations

Financial donations can be made through the Connecticut National Guard Foundation, Inc. The foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that was established in April of 2003 for the purpose of providing emergency financial assistance for Connecticut National Guard members and their families. All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Financial donations can be sent to:

Connecticut National Guard Foundation, Inc.
360 Broad Street
Hartford, CT 06105-3795

Checks should be made payable to: "CTNGFI “– and in the memo section, please write “Operation E.L.F.” Donations to the Foundation can also be made by Federal employees (AGRs/Technicians) through the annual Combined Federal Campaign.

For more information about the Connecticut National Guard Foundation, visit http://www.ctngfoundation.org/.

Service Member and Family Support Center Office:

Should an interested party wish to contribute funds to an organization other than the CTNG Foundation, a contribution to the Service Member and Family Special Projects is also an option. All contributions received in this account will be used to purchase gift cards (grocery, department store, pharmacy, etc.) for our gift card inventory which is used to support families in need throughout the year.

Donations can be sent to:

William A. O’Neill Armory
Service Member and Family Support Center
360 Broad Street
Suite 112
Hartford, CT 06105-3795

Checks should be made payable to: “CT FP Special Projects”, and in the memo section, please specify “Operation E.L.F.”